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3 Ways to Deter Pests from Invading Your Home

How do you know if you have pests in your home? The scampering sounds you hear at night may be an indication you have visitors in your attic. The cawing and cooing noises you hear coming from your fireplace may mean you have birds in the chimney. The scratching sounds in the walls you notice when the house is quite could be the result of mice or squirrels. If you don’t hear any of these sounds, thank your four-leaf clovers, and use these three ways to deter pests from invading your home.

1.     Cut Back Trees

Tree branches that hang over your house’s roof can be an easy way for squirrels, bats, rats, and other pests to access your home. Once the pest is on your roof, they can either gnaw through the wood into your home or find a tiny entrance that is already there. That means your first line of defense should be to cut back trees that are anywhere near your roof.

2.     Clean Out Chimneys

A warm place to hide from the wind is inside your chimney, and that is just what birds, squirrels, and many other pests love to do. To make sure your fireplace is pest free, call for a chimney inspection Washington DC every year before you start your fall home fires.

3.     Block up Holes

Did you know that mice can get into your home through a hole the size of a dime? And many squirrels don’t need a hole much bigger than that. Bats are also magicians when it comes to finding a way into attics and can squeeze through small slits between broken pieces of wood. To keep pests out of your attic, block up any holes you may see – no matter how small they appear.

You can keep your home pest free if you cut back trees, block up holes, and clean out the chimney. You don’t have to live with the unwanted intruders, so don’t let them find a nesting ground. Fight back today.