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Easy Ways to Install Ceiling Fans

A fan is one of the household electronic products that must be at home, especially in hot summer days. It helps the cooling room temperature. Besides fan, some among the upper classes may prefer to use air conditioning because it is more effective in cooling room temperature. However air conditioning has quite high electricity consumption rather than a fan, so many people choose to use a fan.

The fan has various types like table fans, ceiling fans, and floor fans. From these 3 types, ceiling fans are considered the most effective. Why? Because ceiling fans effectively circulate the air in a room to create a draft throughout the room rather than other types fans. Then how to install a Ceiling fan, it’s actually very easy, here are the steps:

  1. Buy the ceiling fans. You cannot install ceiling fans if you don’t have it. You can buy it on the online or offline electronic shop. If you are from Australia, you can try buying from ceiling fans Australia shop like Cetnaj which has various types of ceiling fans.
  2. Choose where you need to install your ceiling fans. If you know where to install, you can begin.
  3. For safety, turn off the power at the circuit panel before installing a ceiling fan. It is a safety measure so you will not be electrocuted.
  4. An easy way is to replace a ceiling lamp with ceiling fans. Because you don’t need to make a new hole on your ceiling. You can just remove the light bulb and its cover from the fixture and unscrew the screws which are holding the base of the ceiling box.
  5. Bring the fixture base down and try removing the wire nuts. Some of the people have replaced wire nuts with electrical tapes
  6. Loosen the cable clamp screw and other nails so you can remove the ceiling box.
  7. Push hanger bar completely through the hole and expand the hanger bar so ends of the hanger bar can dig into the ceiling joists.
  8. After making sure the hanger bar is firmly installed, you can begin attaching the ceiling box to the hanger bar.
  9. The next step attaches the fan’s wire to matching wires in the ceiling box. For safety, you need to read its manufacturer’s instructions so you will know which wire that have to attach. When attaching the wire, you will need support to withstand the fan, so it doesn’t fall.
  10. Use screws to complete the attachment of the fan assembly to the ceiling box.
  11. Install every part of fan to fan assembly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  12. Test the installation.

Now, you know a simple way to install a ceiling fan.