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Make Small Room More Spacious

A room in your home becomes a quiet refuge  from the bustle of everyday life. However, if the room is
small, decorating it with dark-colored pieces of furniture  and painting or wallpapering the walls dark might not be  the best step. This is because dark colors tend to  constrict space — a small room becomes even smaller.  Thus, that feeling of pleasant seclusion can become so  strong that it will eventually give you a feeling of  confinement. That room in your home then becomes a place  you would rather escape from rather than relax into.

So what is the best way to decorate a small room? Decorate  the small room using bright, light colors. Bright and  light colors are meant to create the illusion of space.  If your furniture pieces are dark-colored, use light  colors with rugs or carpets, and wallpaper or paint.  White or light-colored walls can make a room seem much  more spacious than dark-colored walls.

Don’t think that you’re limited to white or beige. There  are several light colors to choose from — pale turquoise,  pale goldenrod, wheat, light pink, lavender, ghost white,  mint cream, ivory, linen, bisque…The list could go on.  Go to your local library for books on do-it-yourself  interior decorating or visit Home Depot to see a range of  paint colors you can choose from. You’re sure to find a  color that suits your personality and make that small  room look much more spacious.